Extension of Tourist Visa in the US

A tourist visa is given to foreign nationals who wish to enter the US for pleasure or to visit family members residing in the country. In order to secure a tourist visa, proper procedure of visa application is followed. Once a tourist visa is given, the person is now able to seek admission in the US upon arrival at any port of entry. The US consul will determine the length of stay of the tourist per admission. The period of stay is marked on the Form I-94 or Arrival-Departure Record of the tourist.

There are many cases that a tourist in the US encounters circumstances that require him to request for an extension of stay. This is permitted but necessary application for tourist visa extension of stay is needed to be done. A tourist visa in the US is only valid on the date marked on the person’s Form I-94 and staying beyond this date places the person to be “out of status”. So the basic question of most people is how is the extension of stay for visitor visa done?

A tourist visa extension of stay follows certain procedures. First of all, the tourist’s eligibility to extend his stay is verified. The USCIS has presented some of the eligibility requirements for extension of stay for visitor visa (and other nonimmigrant visas) and this includes that the person has not violated any conditions of his admission, he has not committed any crimes ad he has a valid passport for the duration of the requested extended stay to name a few. The USCIS also looks into the intention of the US tourist visa extension . This simply means that being eligible for extension is not enough to be given an approved extension of stay for visitor visa.

A request for extension of US tourist visa should be filed not later than 60 days from the expiration of the individual’s Form I-94. He should accomplish Form I-539 as well and submit this to the USCIS center. To keep track of the request, the person is expected to receive a receipt indicating a number as a reference of the application. He should use this to check on his request and be informed on its status.

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