How the September 11 Terrorist Attacks Affect US Immigration

The September 11 terrorist attacks opened the eyes of America on the threat brought by some loopholes on the immigration law enforcements in the country. The hijackers responsible for the multiple attacks on the Twin Towers , Pentagon and Pennsylvania arrived in the US legally however, some were reported to have falsified documents.

Since that tragic event, the US has become more vigilant over everything that affects their lives. US immigration policies have been on top of the list of concerns that had to be reinforced. Stricter and tighter immigration is a way to prevent terrorists from coming into the country. This has been the most immediate goal to protect the country from another danger such as the September 11 attack.

Borders have been re-strengthened as security measures while the government started using advanced technology to cross match arriving immigrants as against electronic records of known or suspected terrorists. Although this has proven efficient as precautionary act, there are still immigrants staying on lapsed visas that need to be checked.

Many recommendations have long since been used, implemented and enforced. The US has a lot of work to do in fixing its immigration system. A comprehensive immigration reform could be the answer to this problem. As the nation observe the September 11 attacks, it will never forget how many lives perished on that day and this memory will be the witness on how the US will go on and seek a just and effective immigration reform very soon.

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