How to fill out the Form N-565?

Here are the rules you should follow when completing your Form N-565 application:

  • You must fill out the application form using only black ink.
  • You must not omit any data. If there is not enough space on the application form to provide all the data, you can use an extra sheet of paper. Make sure that you mention your full name, the field, and section of the form that this sheet of paper refers to. Also mention your A-number (Alien number) on the additional sheets of paper.
  • You must leave a handwritten signature on the form. If you are under 14 years of age, you need to ask your parent or a legal guardian to leave a signature.

If you do not have enough information to provide in the form, you still cannot leave the field blank. You can write N/A – not available – into the field. For instance, if you do not possess your old certificate, you must write N/A into the field 4 in Part 1 for Certificate Number.

Remember to provide documents that will prove your certificate was lost or stolen. Such documents as police reports are generally sufficient for USCIS to prove that you lost your certificate.

If you need to provide a number in the application form, but the number is zero, then you should write None into the field as required by the Form N-565 instructions.

Note that USCIS also accepts Form N-565 applications online. You will need to get an electronic signature to properly sign your online application.

In case the data you provided was insufficient or incorrect, USCIS will inform you about that.

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