About US Immigration Visa Waiting Times

The US government has implemented an immigration policy to serve as a guideline for people from other nations who wish to work, live, study or visit its country. With every immigration petition filed, a visa is released to the individual or individuals concerned. A visa provides the initial admission of the person for entering the [...]

Non-immigrant US Visa Expiration and Length of Stay

If you are a frequent traveler you know the importance of securing a visa to enable you to travel in the US. You are aware that a visa will allow you to do business abroad or be a tourist visitor. Many people, however, gets confused with the validity of visa as against the length of [...]

Reason for Visa Denials

Coming to the US as a business traveler or as a tourist is a common practice for many foreign nationals all over the world. Even before, there has been an influx of tourists coming in and out of the US for commerce, trade, medical aid, leisure or visits to family or friends. These travels are [...]

Bringing a Foreign Fiance to the US

A US citizen is given the privilege to bring her foreign fiance to the US. Immigration procedures provide the necessary guidelines on how to do so.

A US citizen who has physically met her foreign fiance is eligible to petition him and marry in the US. A petition is submitted to the nearest U.S. [...]