US Citizens Getting Married in Mexico

Mexico’s proximity to the United States is one reason why Americans have frequented this beautiful country. They may come as tourists and explore the many recreational spots found in Mexico. They also visit friends and even families working or living there. Along the way, they will meet a lot of Mexican acquaintances of which something may develop into serious relationships, hence, US citizens getting married in Mexico.

Like in other countries and in the US, each Mexican state follows certain marriage procedures for their citizens and foreigners. Those who are planning to wed in this country should check these regulations to be aware and informed accordingly. A standard requirement for any foreigner marrying a Mexican is to provide identification documents. They will require a Spanish translated birth certificate duly acknowledged or verified by the foreigner’s own country. A valid passport should also be available.

If the US citizen had a previous marriage, documents of the divorce or death of spouse are also needed. It is another mandatory requirement of the Mexican state for the foreigner to undergo medical tests particularly for HIV, syphilis and others as well as blood tests and x-rays. The results have to be recently performed based on the prescribed period of the state. All fees should also be paid for accordingly to facilitate the process of the marriage license.

If there are certain aspects that the couple need to verify, it is advisable that they check the nearest US Embassy or US consulate in Mexico as well as check with the Mexican state government they are covered for further information. Marriage of a US citizen and a Mexican does not allow the latter to gain permanent resident status in the US. The proper family immigration process still applies.

4 comments to US Citizens Getting Married in Mexico

  • Jorge gaytan

    well if ai get married in mexico and i want to bring my wife here to the US what should i do??? and does it take time for whatever it is???

  • Gerardo Lagunes

    If you boths are American citizens and want to celebrate the wedding in Mexico, Marry in the states AND celebrate the wedding in Mexico. It will save you a lot of hassle. If you boths cant come to the states marry at the consulate. If s/he is a mexican citizen I think you can marry at the consulate. or you can get s/he a boyfriend/girlfriend visa and find out what is next after that. or find out the inmigration process before marrying. I would not recomend to marry under mexican laws. Its a hassle and sometimes they will not recognise a US birth certificate with translation or US passport. Burocracy in Mexico is preaty incompetent. Because in mexico the notary has to be a certified lawyer of so many years they refuse to recognise an US notarised document UNLESS the US notary send a notarised letter by a Mexican Notary veryfing that the US notary is a real Notary… Stupid… after my brother paid 500 pesos everything was OK. Good luck

  • karla valenzuela

    I’m a US citizen and want to get married to a Mexico citizen in Mexico what do i need? What are the fees? And how long of a process is it? Thank you for your help!

  • Diana

    i want to get married with my bf, but his in mexico and im in the us. can i go over there and get married and bring him over here or what should i do??

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