What happens after I apply for naturalization or Citizenship Certificate replacement?

After you send your Form N-565 application to USCIS, they will start processing it. Shortly you will receive several notifications from USCIS concerning your application. But you may not get an immediate answer from USCIS.

The first notification is the receipt notice.

A Receipt Notice

USCIS will inform you that they received your Application for Replacement/Citizenship Document (the Form N-565). They will mail you the receipt notice at the mailing address provided in your application form.

At the same time, USCIS will also send a receipt notice on your USCIS account. Even if you have not created such an account, it will be available to you after USCIS started working on your application. USCIS will additionally send you a letter with explanation how you can start using your USCIS account.

A Biometrics Interview

USCIS may ask you to visit the nearest USCIS office for an interview. You will need to attend the interview to take your fingerprints and photos, which may be required to process your application.

Before the biometrics interview, you will also receive instructions how to pay an additional fee – the biometrics services fee. You are not required to pay this fee when you file your application. But whenever USCIS considers that an applicant’s personal data is insufficient to process their application, they will request this additional payment for biometrics.

A Request for Evidence

Sometimes applicants for certificate replacement do not add important documentation to support their request. USCIS will then want to get any relevant documents to verify or process your application. You are not obliged to mail the requested documents to USCIS. Instead, you can upload the documents via your USCIS account.

A Notice of a Decision and a Replacement Certificate

Once USCIS decides on your case, they will mail you a letter with further instructions. Put simply, you may receive a rejection letter or you will need to wait for a replacement certificate. A notice of decision will also be shown in your USCIS account.

Rejection Letter

There are a few grounds why USCIS may reject or deny your application. Your application for certificate replacement will be rejected if:

  • You did not pay the exact amount for processing the form (the filing fee, $555);
  • You did not sign your application.

If you sent the application by mail, a handwritten signature must be available on the form. And if you filed your application online, the form must be signed with an electronic signature.


If your application is denied, USCIS will notify you in writing of the reasons for the denial. USCIS denies applications whenever the applicant failed to provide sufficient documentation to prove they are eligible for certificate replacement.

Moreover, if you failed to fill out the entire application form, USCIS will question your eligibility and reject or completely deny your application.

Note that the filing fee of $555 will not be returned if you will not be considered eligible for certificate replacement. Therefore, when you start your application, make sure that you provide all the data that was required by the Form N-565. After denial or rejection of the application, USCIS often allows applicants to re-submit their applications for certificate replacement.

Sometimes USCIS may require from the applicants to provide the originals of documents that they submitted with the application. The original documents will be returned when USCIS determines they are no longer required.

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